nodo– garlic knots -5

arancini – rice balls ask for our daily selection -9

mozzarella carozza– crispy fried mozzarella-7

antipasto– prosciutto, sopressata and Sardo

cheese with chefs choice of condiments -14

spinach & beans- garlic oil, goat cheese toast -11

shrimp scampi– butter, garlic and lemon,  over spinach -12

Gina’s meatballs– with marinara and pecorino -8

*sugo di soia– bean spread with vegetable -8

broccoli rabe– sautéed with garlic oil -7

soup of the day – ask about our daily selection



misto– spring mix cucumber tomato and red onion -6

Caesar with garlic crouton and parmesan-7

caprese– fresh mozzarella tomato basil evoo -9

arugula– tomato white bean, red onion and shaved parmesan -8

add grilled shrimp 5.00 or grilled chicken 4.00 to any salad


veal or chicken parmesan

crispy cutlet with marinara,  mozzarella & parmesan -15/9


Gina’s meatballs  with marinara & pecorino -9

eggplant parmesan

Gina’s eggplant parmigiana -9

Italian sausage

with sautéed peppers & onion -9


prosciutto, tomato, arugula & mozzarella -12

italian tuna

with arugula, tomato & red onion -8

roast pork

with broccoli rabe & provolone -10

roast turkey

with asiago cheese, greens & tomato -8


roast pork, ham, swiss cheese, mustard & pickles -10


bean spread, portobello, roasted pepper, greens & provolone cheese-8

grilled chicken

with spinach and provolone  -9


chicken cutlet, arugula and roasted pepper  -9

(add fries with any sandwich 3.00)


*del sugo

provolone, grilled onion & herb aioli-9


fresh mozzarella, tomato, arugula & balsamic aioli -10


provolone cheese, greens, tomato & red onion -9

(add fries 3.00) (add bacon 2.00)


                                             sandwiches are not available in the dining room after 3pm



fettucine bolognese– the classic meat sauce  -16

chicken & broccoli– with penne garlic oil and pecorino-15

penne with meatball or sausage – with tomato sauce -15

vegetarian penne-  white beans, tomato, broccoli rabe, in garlic tomato sauce -15

arrabiata– penne in a spicy tomato sauce -14

alfredo- fettucine in parmesan cream sauce -15

Rudy’s fettucine– shrimp sautéed with tomato, spinach and parmesan cream sauce-17

shrimp scampi or fra diavalo over fettucine -16

puttanesca– penne, anchovy, olive, caper, garlic & marinara- 15

ravioli – ricotta ravioli with tomato sauce-13

chicken or veal parmesan-  mozzarella, marinara, & penne pasta -16/19

w/eggplant add -3

Gina’s eggplant parmesan–  with pasta-15

chicken marsala– w/ mushroom tossed with penne-17

*salmon fillet – in lemon caper sauce with potato- 17

chicken or veal milanese– crispy cutlet with arugula salad – chicken-16  veal- 19

 roasted eggplantmushroom, red pepper, mozzarella, tomato, spinach in marsala sauce -16

*Sugo burger – with grilled sweet onion, provolone and herb aioli with fries & greens -14    add bacon-2

substitute homemade fusilli for any pasta -3

gluten free pasta is available 1.00