Thanksgiving Trimmings
Italian American favorites for thanksgiving!!
orders must be in by November 2oth
available for pick up on or before Thanksgiving day!

Italian Antipasto 80.00 for ten persons 150.00 for twenty persons
lasagna Bolognese or cheese 55.00 sm. 105.00 lg. add 15.00 for bolognese
egg plant parmigiana 45.00 sm. 95.00 lg.
baked ziti 40.00 sm. 75.00 lg.
stuffed shells or manicotti 45.00 sm. 85.00 lg.
ricotta ravioli 45.00 sm. 85.00 lg.


meatballs and sweet Italian sausage in plum tomato sauce 2.50 each
stuffed pepper casserole 45.00 small tray only
stuffed mushroom casserole 42.00 small tray only
Rudys stuffing
small tray only 39.00
(available gluten free)
(with sausage, sundried tomato, soft bread crumb, celery, onion and seasoning)

Gluten free

Chocolate or Vanilla layer cake
with white or chocolate butter cream
3 layers good for 16 to 20 people